The Band

Jeremy Phoenix - Lead Vocals / Keys
Jeff Russell - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Robbie Whiplash - Drums / Backing Vocals
Brian 4Star - Bass / Backing Vocals
Nicholas Bernholz - Guitars


Rising from the ashes of earlier collaborations, Omnislash is the progeny of founding members and multi-instrumentalists Jeremy Phoenix and Robbie Whiplash in their relentless goal to bring an embodiment of everything great about metal to the masses. Versatility would quickly become an underlying theme of the band, as drum instructor by trade Jeremy Phoenix would step up as their front man, with explosive vocals and nimble fingers on the keys, while accomplished guitarist Robbie Whiplash would focus his rhythmic assault behind the drum kit. Thrash and death metal guitarist, Jeff Russell, after having taken a hiatus from music to complete his medical education, then entered the fold to unleash the years of pent-up energy and aggression in the form of riffage and shred. Seeing the insane amount of potential, well known area bass virtuoso Brian 4Star and metal god Nicholas Bernholz would join completing this all star line up. Combining the best elements of glam, thrash, power metal, death metal, hair metal, and classic rock, the result of these five composers is a product that is decisively heavy, undeniably epic, and refreshingly catchy; the result is Omnislash. With top-notch musicianship, an encyclopedic knowledge of all things metal, and a shared passion for cheap alcohol and having a good time, Omnislash offers a one-of-a-kind live show too energetic to contain. This diverse and dedicated crew has packed venues big and small, played with international superstar acts, and is ready to ransack a venue near you! See you soon, Slashers!